I got good news and bad news... The good news: Google has new feature where you can Unsend an email!!!!! The bad news: ...you only got 5 pretty seconds.
"Personally, I don’t think this feature would be of any benefit with a mere 5 second response time. If I’ve fired off an angry e-mail, or said something I regret it typically takes me longer than 5 seconds to realize it, by then it’d be too late. But for some users this might save you from a drunken profession of love, or a snide remark to a coworker."
Shout out to the ones who send "that email" this here is for Y-O-U! Make it quick cuz 5 seconds isn't too spiffy!


T said...

Thanks! Because I would be the asshole who sends it ;)

LMAO- I love that song!!! However I sure wasn't talking about him when I wrote it...unless I'm thinking about him subliminally now! HA... maybe that’s why I have been consumed with his music lately - he probably put some secret messages in it making those who listen have his music on constant replay which is what is happening! Or maybe it's just me LOL

Nebby said...

Lol I know u didn't but I wanted u to have a taste of what I go thru :) lol

T said...

I was going to say that too! lol That does suck...I guess peeps just want to see what the want to see!