STYLE VS SWAG(G) (does swag have two G's or 1 ?? lol)

i guess i got my swagger back.. (this debate came up over the weekend an i would love to hear your thoughts on this...) the question is simple: whats the difference between Swagg & Style? and define swagg? This was my answer: "swagg is the new school term for style.." - now that i think about it maybe i was wrong... andy, no matter what its always gonna be style>swagg for me.. even if they mean the same thing style is a better term then swagg.. (imo)


Anonymiss said...

style is your appearance, your fashion sense, your hair style, your make up for ladies, your jewelry, all that tangible stuff that you can change and what not

swag (with one g for me) is how you carry it.

Fresh Prince Of St. Clair said...

"Swag is not a must. It's a liability. A Cliche."
American Gangster Intro.

Although I don't fully agree with the liability part. It strikes me that 'swag' is sort of like keeping it real and how it can inevitably go wrong. I also recently had a conversation about swag, more so than a quality one claims for themselves it's a indefinable quality noticed by others in an individual. A great example of this 'impossible cool' is at a blog of the same name.


Andy. said...

i tend to agree with this statement:

stated with eloquence by Fresh Prince of St.Clair..

"more so than a quality one claims for themselves it's a indefinable quality noticed by others in an individual"

Jai. said...

Swag is the way you carry yourself, the air and attitude you give off.

Style is the way you express yourself through fashion.

A dude could be the least bit fashionable but still have incredible swag (but it is usually the opposite and it is def noticeable, we've all seen them)

Swag is like sex appeal.

Natalie said...

Yeah I agree with all... So Andy you changed your perspective??

Anonymous said...

swagg is confidence.

style is the clothes you pick out.

swagg > style because it means that there's substance - you dont just follow trends, you wear what you wanna wear, how you wanna wear and stilL kill it. you look comfortable, you feel bomb in it and people respond to it. negatively and postively but you dont really care.

Andy. said...

i think i'v heard the word "swagg" used in wrong context so often that i didn't understand what it meant any more...

(gonna quote this again because i like it so much)

"indefinable quality noticed by others in an individual"... so what is swag to one person may not be swag to another person... swagg is how some one in perceived by another person.. (? - is that statement accurate or am I missing something)

Natalie - nope my perspective stands i will take style>swag

based on what you all said so far
swagg is another term for charisma??

swagg = charisma

Andy. said...

i think we are all caught up in this fashion bubble, and belive style is strictly and only related to fashion. (but i dont' think it is.. i think we are neglecting another key factor of style)

doesn't "style" still embody intangible characteristics like the ones some of you have already pointed out confidence, attitude, how i carry myself…. ones character

style can't only be comprised of ... my look and appearance (or am I wrong?)

i feel like style embodies a lot more then just my look to me it's also my character

to me the equation is appearance (tangible) + character(intangible) = style

FraNcis James said...

To me , swagg is just short for swagger
and I define it as presenting yourself in a confident way.. that goes for the way you talk, walk , rap, dress.. watever

I mean to me swagg and style mean the same thing
you can walk with style, talk with style, rap with style , dress with style or
walk with swagg, talk with swagg , rap with swagg, dress with swagg

IMO.. Pimp C had the most Swagg R.I.P.

The Definition said...

To me swag and style are one in the same. Both are general terms that we use for the way we carry ourselves [i.e. your clothes, your beliefs, and ultimately the way we live up to our own standards in all aspects of our life and no one elses]. I hear swag used in the wrong context all the time; I think people often use words out of context just based on its popularity. Swag just happens to be the "it" word for the generation we live in. Unlike Solider Boy Tell Them [lol], I don't think swag is something you can turn on/off. We all have our own style and swag; they're undeniable and constant.

Synonymous said...

Doesnt Answer the Question but here's someone kinda famous' thoughts ..

Fresh Prince Of St. Clair said...

Having confidence or charisma be the standard bearer for the less urban-influenced colloquialists (that should be a word) is an interesting prospect. I always see pictures of cats from the 30s and 40s who were always 'swaggin' (also should be a word) and through Andy's comments it dawned on me that 'swag' might just be a respect for yourself and being able to allow that respect a voice in the way a person dresses/carries themself no matter what those choices are. Big Pooh says it best on the Kickdrums remix of Adele's Melt My Heart To Stone "I'm as ascot as I'm hip hop/peep the etiquette" I feel like dude is saying that no matter if he's got a cardigan and a paisley ascot on with some boat shoes walking through an art gallery or in a beater and Js cooling on bench with his peoples that same swag/respect is going to shine through.