Phelps takes Gold in the Bong Relay...Puff Puff Pass

I already Knew he was a G this just confirms it... i'm not here to say what he did was ri vs. wrong... (cuz it a debate that could go on for ever -- pro juana vs. anti juana.. and i dont' juana get into that today) if you havent heard learn more here. Andy, kinda broke so you know all i got's iz 5 legends need no intro.. enjoy


Natalie said...

I'm not sure exactly what happened but I don't think it's a biggie.. He apologized (he's a public figure) and I understand why, but as far as I know (which is little) he didn't do anything wrong

It's all because of his status..

Nebby said...

this here is WACK! who cares!!?!? people smoke weed everyday yea i agree w natalie its because hes a public figure but damn let a man live. weed = relaxation.

Janine said...

His biggest mistake was allowing himself to be photographed hitting a bong. His status is such that if he pisses crooked and some jackass catches it with their camera phone(best and worst. invention. ever), the press is gonna be all over it. He has to constantly be thinking "Am I gonna have to issue a public apology for this?" or "Do I give a frack if someone see's me doing this?" because the general public lives for the 'downfall of an icon' type shit.