Don't say i don't put you on!

Do yourself a favor and get one of these bad boys here [ Thanks Shay :) ] And you need to get up on these hyphy G signs right here, i'm pretty much a pro. right now.


Anonymous said...

i want some of that hd icecream yummmmmmmyyyyy
ru going on the o bus? if so have fun nebs

The Definition said...

You must be the spokesperson for apple cause you're always throwin that sign up in photos lol jk. While that ice cream sounds tempting I'm a fan of their Dulce de Leche.......simplicity is key.

MS. DIVA ♥ said...

Why was I up late last night.. trying to do all the signs.

Still tryna master the Windows (Vista)

Damn you Nebby!

Nicki said...

You. Are. The. Truth.
Me and my man have our Sunday night line up on TV and we usually have popcorn w/ dill pickle powder (sounds gross but it makes your taste buds go nuts lol) but tonight this is our drug of choice! Haagen Dazs is the ish lol!

dj_lissamonét said...

shay put that bad boy in a bowl for me one day and i almost had a sensual seduction in my mouth!