Breezie Milk Steezie

Chris Brown is the new face of the Got Milk Ads ;) \


tarsha said...

What a nice looking boy! Now if that don't make you want to drink milk then i don't know. Rihanna lucky. I don't like white milk just chocolate so i won't be drinking the white milk he is advertising, but it's a nice ad to look at.

Anonymous said...

mm mmmmm mmm!!

Anonymous said...

Now I TRULY believe that milk does da body goooooood! YUM!

Breezi F said...

Damn, I'd Chris, his Brown! LOL

THATgirl said...

Hi Nebby,
I have a question (or more like a series of relationship questions lol) How do you know when a guy is trying to pursue you? Here is a scenario for example:
I met a guy at a mutual friend's get together. He was very polite and nice and it turned out that he was moving into a place about 10 mins away from me. He said about three times that night that "Maybe we will bump into each other" or "Maybe I'll see you" type phrases. Anywho, we found each other on facebook and i sent him a message because it turned out that I had to drop off something that I couldn't give to our mutual friend (she lives farther away). So he offered to come by to pick it up and we talked for a short while, nothing long. But he asked if I was going to our mutual friend's Christmas get-together. Also, he mentioned multiple times during the convo that he lives really close, closer than he thought...and right before we departed our ways, he said to hit him up since he's so close.

I'm not completely stupid when it comes to guys, but I have encountered so many where I have gotten mixed signals or I have mixed the signals up.

So what do you think he's trying to do? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he is genuinely a nice guy (and multiple people have told me that). So is he just being is usual nice guy self or is he somewhat interested in me?


THATgirl said...
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Nebby said...

Hey THATgirl,

OK OK OK so “maybe” he likes you lol he sounds like a pretty nice guy, you know its hard to tell from what went down. i cant speak for anyone else.. but i usually know when someone is interested by their tone when they are talking, the way they look at you when they are talking and even how they act around you. It all sounds silly but i can feel it, from all those things i can tell what they want. From what i read i would say he is semi-interested...i say semi because its too soon to tell and things like this take time to build a crush/relationship/or whatever THEN you can tell. But it looks as if he’s making the effort to reach to you ie: offering to come pick it up instead of having you go over there, but guys are odd if he’s the “other” type like i like to call em’ it could also mean that he doesnt want you to know where he lives? but no if he didn’t he wouldn’t be saying oh i live reaaalllly close ...closer than i thought!
sorry just thinking out loud.
Oh AND after the meeting he said to hit him up AKA keep in touch AKA i’m interested in talking to you some more. i don’t wanna jump the gun and say he is 100 percent interested cuz i don’t know anything about him such as: did he just get out of some relationship...is he looking for a friend?...is he looking for a lil more? but it does seem as if he is somewhat intrigued. to answer your question, even if he is a nice guy it seems that he is doing a lil more and if he has such a good rep then hey give a lil too, show him that you are interested, be super nice but not too nice never give 100 percent give a lil take a lil and before you know it you will get all that you want :)
best of luck with that and keep me updated!

THATgirl said...

Thanks so much for the advice!