Medic Esthetic'

"Behold the beauty of imperfection! These white or skin-coloured shoes made of synthetic plaster, bandages, stainless steel, and other medical materials, aim to expose the taboo on physical deformities." Gwendolyn Huskens a designer presented a set of six shoes called 'medic esthetic' at a recent graduation show, aiming to reveal the taboos associated with physical deformities, her collection of cream and skin-toned footwear for women is made from medical materials and supplies such as plaster bandages, steel and band-aids....I love weird shit but I honestly don't know how i feel about them, what you think?? would you rock it? >I would wear the leg brace knee high sandle in the back right.


Anonymous said...

This was on Kanye's blog...I don't think I could rock it but then again I am blessed to have both my legs so I can't really say. I have a friend who's cousin has a prosthetic leg...maybe I'll ask her what she thinks.

Janine said...

I think they are interesting pieces of artwork. I would display them proudly in my home. Would I WEAR them? Nah. Nothing about them screams "wearable". I appreciate the statement the designer is making, though.

Tia said...

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm there more art than a shoe fettish pleaser, i wouldnt go there.