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I'm mucho thankful for people in my life that just put random smiles on my face...or in this case make me laugh histerically while driving to the point of almost crashing :/ I swooped this off L.L. B
I was awarded the “be.” Award today for excellency in the category of being someone with the syllable pronounced “be” in their name. It’s something that I’ve been waiting to get nominated for for quite some time and to finally be recognized for my efforts as a world class someone with the syllable pronounced “be” in their name was a great great honour. I never thought I would actually get nominated, let alone win it. Right after I got off the stage I shouted Nebby to let her know that I had finally won: be.: I’m the winner of the “be.” Award! Nebby: Wa Nebby: Lolll Nebby: Sickkkk be.: I know. Nebby: Wat u have to do Nebby: Nuthin huh be.: Just represent the be shit. be.: You were in my acceptance speech. Nebby: Reallyyyyy Nebby: Wat u say? be.: I said: “Thank you to all who voted. I mean, it could have been any ‘be’ that won this - Jon B., The Cheerios Bee, or even Neb-be. But you guys voted for me.. And for that, I couldn’t BE any more grateful”. Thanks to everyone for voting. And to last years winner, Jerry Seinfeld as Barry B. Benson in The Bee Movie, thanks for really setting the standard for the rest of the ‘be’s to come. » Published by be.


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You're fucking hilarious for reposting this!

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this is hilarious!

he is cute!

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hahaha how funny and cute at the same time