He means the world to me

You know how you have that friend that is soooo good to you??? you know...the one that tells you how it is, loves you NO MATTER WHAT even though he slips and calls you a "cold hearted bitch that shoulda born with a penis"? no?....well this one's mine, he happens to be alllllllllllll the way in Cali but he makes an effort to come visit me. Brandon and I ran track and went to state championships, were both hella competitive and he thinks he can beat me in a race *rolls eyes* one time i challenged him to race me, he complained about how there was snow on the ground, not having the right sneakers and other silly things. The activities Brandon and I enjoy doing are fine dining, cheap dining, home breakfastin' and snacking. Hello world, Meet Brandon: Chicken!!! Ear Diggin' Lip Poke'in' Back Back then then...grill cheesin' This here is Brandon when i ask him about sex


Tia said...

He is so cute!!!!

MZ. Rizz said...

Once again Nebby and the cute dudes lol that's it, want to be my best frnd?

Carlita Bonita said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what about Drizzy?????

bms22 said...


its been to long since i have seen u or talked to u

i hope all is well witcha

love you