I'm havin one of them days...you know them days when you just walk into everythin? yea...one of them bitch days So i def. feel her pain...... I'm tired I'm hungry I want a big ass burger with fries and a strawberry shake My toe hurts (brandon wants to kiss it ) I miss my mom I wanna sit on her lap so she can hug me n kiss me I wanna go shoppin I want chocolate cake I want Kenza to bake cookies Oh i took pix today =) BUT ON A BETTER NOTE this lil fat no ankles havin grama kickin chicken wing luvin boy is bak at it again....why wouldnt he be, he became famous


OC The Great!!! said...

He's NUTS!!! =o

Jaclyn from NYC said...

you are beautiful!!!!!

Ty said...

Miss Nebby, let me take you out on a special date =)