cottage getaway

Been gone for a minute but now I'm back on this jumpoff haha I'm in muskoka at this beauuuutiful cottage the internet pix do not do this cottage ANY justice we walked in and we were so shocked this three floow beautiful cottage is newly renovated from cealing to floor with pine woods and wooden furniture all kitchen appliances are new the stove is flat surface dang its off the heezy we have three boats paddle boat a motor boat which I whip around like I been drivin em all my life lol and a raftin boat we also ordered a hot tub for night time and its the bomb digidow! Ppl are gettin here tomorrow so let the crazy times roll out -will update ya laters and by later I mean nexx week Xoxo

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dj_lissamonét said...

that was the cutest run-on sentence everrrrrrr.
i miss u.