Welcome to Cuba!!!

I never been, no. My friend, let's call him Aaron went two weeks ago and got back today- I asked him if I can blog it out about his lil occurrence and he said "no doubt” matter of fact he is not ashamed at ALL... We do lunch and he is going on and on about his Cubano experience- he said there was a nice beach implicated, great food and fantastic cheap pussy “sorry…..COME AGAIN?!!!!!”He just said fantastic/cheap/pussy in the same sentence- I must be missing something- so I say go on please do share…....he went to Cuba with 7 friends/colleagues to make the long story short…they were approached by Carlito while at the resort who asked them if they would be interested in buying a “souvenir” hmmm… well Aaron wanted a go and went for it, he even got to pick! (Very appealing indeed) “she had long beautiful hair, she had to have been twenty’ su’thin 38’24’40 (wow..ok) and neb she got right to it- it was everything I wanted plus some” WAT THE fff r u kidding me??!?!? I dropped my fork and just looked at him, I honestly was waiting for “I’m just kidding-you are so naive” He always pulls these but he was as severe as a heart attack, he paid somewhat pesos to get sucked off and sex the girl while he was on vacation wow wow wow, I always say to each his own but this here-simply mind-boggling. It’s not the fact that he had sex with a complete stranger, no, not the fact that she was a prostitute? Call girl? Nope, not the fact that she spoke no English..nah not the fact that she was pimped to him nooooope but it’s the fact that he paid for it….. I have been told many many stories but this here-beats em all !! why would you ever pay for sex? I don’t care if you are ugly/fat/insecure/depressed/miserable/repulsive (he is none of the above) but everyone has a match- WHO PAYS FOR SEX??!?!?!?!?!?!? If you wanted a souvenir..what happened to just bringing home cigars?! Dear Aaron: Please go get tested- ASAP!

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