So shay tells me about this thing on CNN (its all she watches) about a tribe THAT STILL EXIST in Brazil i was sooooooo shocked to actually see something like this still exists, it's 2008 and these dudes have bow and arrows, i wanted to go to Brazil but i might just stick to the beach I am so not fukin with the rain forest =/ The story: RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) — Brazil's government agreed to release stunning photos of Amazon Indians firing arrows at an airplane so that the world can better understand the threats facing one of the few tribes still living in near-total isolation from civilization, officials said Friday. Anthropologists have known about the group for some 20 years but released the images now to call attention to fast-encroaching development near the Indians' home in the dense jungles near Peru. "We put the photos out because if things continue the way they are going, these people are going to disappear," said Jose Carlos Meirelles, who coordinates government efforts to protect four "uncontacted" tribes for Brazil's National Indian Foundation. Shot in late April and early May, the foundation's photos show about a dozen Indians, mostly naked and painted red, wielding bows and arrows outside six grass-thatched huts... you can go HERE to read the rest of the story

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