Good people, Good intentions

Andrew and I kicked it for the whooooole day we drove round the world talked about future plans, he came with me to check out apartments, he spoke to my future landlords (lol), he almost made me crash my car, he punched me real hard cuz i said something foul and all in all we had a fantabulous time- here are some flikas from our photo session on photobooth, we took full advantage of the Mac !!!!

While we were chillin' Andrew asked Kenza where he can go to the bathroom, Kenza said there is a sink thingy in the laundry room where he can go if he doesn't feel like going allll the way upstairs....So he took advantage.

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dj_lissamonét said...

holy photoshoot!
*too cute*
make sure andy doesnt move u to my area..ugh.