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I know someone needed this today and whoever it is. I hope it makes you smile.



Car Porn on Drugs

In your wildest ecstasy trip you couldn't have seen of something like this coming from BMW ...but it's true, BMW just unveiled the new BMW i3 and i8 -- 'you llliiiikeee ?'
..Between the two the i8 is clearly the panty wetter but most importantly with BMW making the jump to electric maybe we're not to far away from a massive shift in the auto industry ....A few wealthy executives in the oil & gas industry are about to hit the panic button. learn more at : bmw-i.com
- Andy


Miss Jackson Swimwear

Lisa Jackson or Miss Jackson if you're nasty will be debuting her sexy "Lovelorn Assasin" collection this Sunday July 24th @ Skybar.
Visit www.missjacksonswimwear.com for more eye candy.


DR. Roz x July 23

I have received an email from a new friend of mine Kim Davis who happens to be a beautiful soul, she is reaching out to you you and you. When I read the email I got chills down to my toes, I picked up the phone and called to ask WHAT CAN I DO?!?! I'll do it all plus some watch.

Dear Friend and Supporter,
Dr. Roz's Healing place is excited to announce our upcoming 4th Annual Fit-A-Thon. This year promises to be bigger and better than ever, challenging participants physically in support of the eradication of violence for women and children. With this pledge based fundraiser event to be held on Saturday July 23, 2011, at Yonge and Dundas Square, participants can form teams or participate individually all to raise funds to support the programs at Dr. Roz's Healing Place that help to empower and rebuild the lives of women and their children are victims and survivors of abuse.
This year DRHP will introduce a Youth Fit A Thon which will run simultaneously to the main challenge.There will be lots to see, and exciting prizes to win so please bring the whole family and enjoy the day. The registration fee is $45, with a $250 fundraising minimum.

About Dr. Roz's Healing Place
Dr. Roz's Healing Place gives women, children and youth emerging from abusive relationships access to a safe living environment conducive to healing and wellness. This facility helps them recover from violence and trauma through an integrative and holistic approach. As a women positive organization, we provide a safe environment and supportive programming to our clientele.

Dr. Roz's healing Place
416 264 0823 x 234

To find out more on how we are changing the lives of women and children for the better, visit: http://www.youtube.cf/watch?v=f7-Nj0m_-GY&feature=bulletin

PS: Huge shout out to Kim for going IN in the GYM, looking very good and for an amazing cause too. You go YOU!!!!


30 days can change your life

In the midst of my most recent adventures to overcome fears and accomplish new things, I took it upon myself to try this 30 challenge.

Take in the video above and then ask yourself, "what kind of goals you would like to tackle within the next 30 days of your life.

Plan then execute.

Good Luck!


Dark Vs Light: The Summer Battle

I contemplated going from dark to light for a long time. You go through the usual questioning session where you ask everyone and they mumma "which color looks best on me?!" I love my hair dark given it's my natural hair color, not to mention it makes me feel spicy and dangerous. My light hair always makes me glow the brightest giving me a priceless top notch summer glow.

Going from dark to light isn't an easy process especially when your hair is dark. I'm speaking from experience when I say I tried to do it myself before (picture carrot top) and lets just say nothing beats pro help. Summer is here ladies, change it up and get your sexy on. Huge thank you to my girls at Chiggy's Touch who hooked me up to the max ♥



Stylists: Patience, Kim & Lauren
Salon: Chiggy's Touch
Location: 184 Davenport Road. in Yorkville
Tel #: (416) 619-5477

Follow @ChiggysTouch to stay in the loop. 


flYYZ [fly•why•zed]

Proof Vodka Bar + Sky Lounge
Intercontinental Hotel Yorkville

on July 3rd and EVERY SUNDAY OF SUMMER of 2011

An intimate and stylish playground for light hearted pleasure seekers. Summer nights are to be cherished, and at flYYZ the night includesdining, dancing, champagne, and musical toys for your thoughts. Will your mind come and play? The best of Hip Hop, Club, R&B, Dance, MashUp, & Remixes. Set in the heart of the city inside the Proof Vodka Bar+ Sky Lounge located in the Intercontinental-Yorkville every week this summer!

With a wide array of delicious appetizers, entrées, and dessertsavailable, we make it Sunday night dinner party.

Signature mimosas, as well as chilled champagne is readily available,because Gatorade isn't the coolest way quench a thirst. MUSIC DJ Tom Wrecks + DJ Lissa Monet + DJ LOKEI will use the best music has to offer to score the evening. Hop on the good foot.

*limited guestlist.

-Doors officially open at 7pm
-Complimentary entry with a reservation until 9pm
-Evening starts off with guests arriving for dinner and appetizers to be enjoyed inside and on the patio. (Weather permitting)
-DJ Lissa Monet + Tom Wrecks will provide the soundtrack to the night,allowing guests to mingle and dine to a beat.

PS: I'll be your host this Sunday :)

The night ends promptly at 1am, leaving patrons the opportunity to head safely home with enough time to be back in the office Monday morning! We recognize that the Proof Vodka Bar + Sky lounge inside the Intercontinental Hotel is not the "average" location, and we are inviting our guests to this coveted venue in the heart of Yorkville for a little Sunday summer fun. Making it the premier destination for dinner parties in the main room, large group celebration will have their own personal VIP booth, while casual patron will have the option of staying indoors, or enjoying drinks and appetizers on a beautiful patio.




Not sure how I feel about the lil ones droppin all them F bombers...



Yes! By now, we've all heard the exciting news. Since I won't be waiting in the 7 hour lineup on the A.M of the launch, being pushed & shoved to fight over the one dress that every girl in the world will be wearing, I will just drool over it HERE :)
I remember when Versace decided NOT to collaborate because "putting Versace in H&M would confuse the brand." I wonder what made them change their mind.
Donatella's accent is so amazing to me!
And that dress! LOVE ...


Unrealistic Expectations...

"You are responsible for your own happiness.."

I know that someone needed to hear this today.
-Thank me later


the Crossover.

commentary from A.I, DWade and a few others... check it out.
"I'm pretty sure there is gonna be some guy that come along thats gon' learn it and get it- better than I got it ...An his is going to be better than mine. Hopefully its my son." - Allen Iverson


Try Something New: AIR YOGA

For those who are interested in trying something new - I was reading the Toronto Star the other day and came across a great piece. If you want a relaxing state of mind or love yoga as much as I do, then you'll probably enjoy a new technique called Air Yoga or AntiGravity Aerial Yoga (ZGA). It's designed to increase overall health, physical strength and flexibility.
My kind of work out, if you're down, then lets go!


100,000 toothpicks & 35 years

I would appreciate this way more if I was from San Fran and could relate to the landmarks ...nevertheless still mind blowing that he made this out of toothpicks.

Scott Weaver's Rolling through the Bay from The Tinkering Studio on Vimeo.

..he's gonna be pissed when someone knocks that down. Andy